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Andy Behrman On The Cover of Bipolar Magazine

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Andy Behrman
Now Offering his Services as a Consultant for
People with Mental Illness
(and Those who Love Them)
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Andy Behrman on YouTube
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I use my years of experience as a mental health advocate and as a professional patient to guide and help people coping with mental illness, as well as those who love and care for them. I help people devise strategic plans for recovery including advice with:

Electroboy Arrow choosing qualified mental health care professionals and programs
Electroboy Arrow discussing the pros and cons of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
Electroboy Arrow navigating the mental health care, insurance, and disability systems
Electroboy Arrow making referrals to financial advisors and legal counsel (sometimes appearing in court)
Electroboy Arrow dealing with the pressure that mental illness creates within the family unit
Electroboy Arrow offering non-professional therapeutic care, comfort, and advice working

For an hourly fee of $250, I am available by phone, by e-mail or in person in the Los Angeles area. Please e-mail me to find out more or schedule an appointment.

*Andy Behrman is not a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, social worker, or lawyer, and his guidance as a consultant is not a substitute for professional advice. Patients should always consult a qualified mental health professional before making any decisions regarding treatment choice or changes in their treatment.

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Andy Behrman

"The latest most hyperkinetic book in a robust genre." — The New York Times

"He's very insightful and very funny. It's really a beautiful book."
Rosie O'Donnell

"Compulsively readable." — W Magazine

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He slept only three hours a night. Sometimes he didn't go to bed for days. He was a public relations agent, an art dealer, a hustler and a forger who made millions. He would fly from Zurich to the Bahamas then back again to balance out the hot and cold. He learned new languages in a week. He spent his money on wild shopping sprees all around the globe, buying up clothing, paintings and extravagant gifts for friends. He gave complete strangers spontaneous gifts of thousands of dollars from the cash he kept in his freezer. He was moving at breakneck speed - - fueling his behavior with drugs and alcohol. After seeing more than eight doctors, he was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Then he was arrested for art forgery and was convicted of fraud. He was sent off to prison. When he was released, he returned home, forced to live in his apartment under house arrest. After two unsuccessful years of experimenting with all different combinations of medication to stabilize his wild mood swings, he opted for intensive bouts of electroshock therapy as a last resort. He was temporarily cured. No longer Superman, he was now Electroboy.

This is his story. It's all true...

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Bipolar disorder is about buying a dozen bottles of Heinz ketchup and all eight bottles of Windex in stock at the Food Emporium on Broadway at 4:00 a.m., flying from Zurich to the Bahamas and back to Zurich in three days to balance the hot and cold weather (my sweet and sour theory of bipolar disorder), carrying $20,000 in $100 bills in your shoes into the country on your way back from Tokyo, and picking out the person sitting six seats away at the bar to have sex with only because he or she happens to be sitting there. It's about blips and burps of madness, moments of absolute delusion, bliss, and irrational and dangerous choices made in order to heighten pleasure and excitement and to ensure a sense of control. The symptoms of bipolar disorder come in different strengths and sizes. Most days I need to be as manic as possible to come as close as I can to destruction, to get a real good high -- a $25,000 shopping spree, a four-day drug binge, or a trip around the world.
Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania

If you liked this paragraph, you'll love the book!

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 News From Electroboy
 Author Andy Behrman
Photo Credit:
Dummit Photography

I'd like to share these two startling facts with you:

1. According to a recent survey, one in seven college students reported they had seriously considered attempting suicide. Nearly one in fourteen said they had actually attempted suicide one or more times.

2. Among college students, suicide is the second leading cause of death.

If you have a suggestion for a college or a self-help/support group which you would like me to visit, please feel free to contact me.

In closing, eliminating the stigma of mental illness, which has always been so important to me, is still a huge battle that is not yet complete. We have made tremendous strides in the last decade - - but there's still so much work to be done.

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 Speaking Engagements

To have Andy Behrman come to your town and speak about mental health issues, please feel free to contact me.

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